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Introducing “Baked Bar Live Sugar Premium 2G Disposable“, delivering a solvent-free distillate of max strength and lab-tested quality. This means no heavy metal while still being very potent.

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Experience Unmatched Flavor and Potency with Baked Bar Vape Pens

Baked Bar is a leading vape brand with a wide variety of unrivaled vape pens, made from a solvent-free distillate of the highest quality. They come in sizes of either 1 Gram or 2 Grams and are available in a wide range of enjoyable flavors. The hardware on these vape pens is made to be discreet and portable.

Baked Bar produces some of the finest and purest vape pens in a wide range of exotic flavors. These products contain No PG/VG, No Vitamin E, and No MCT/PEG and are made from California’s premium cannabis strains ranging from Indica to Sativa and Hybrid. For your safety, always Scan the QR code on the product and verify it before usage.

The Baked Bar Brand has received so much love since our establishment and we’re more than honored. We’ll continue to get safe and enjoyable Baked Bar products into the hands of millions of people and become a brand that is known, loved, and trusted.

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All Baked Bar Vapes are Lab Tested, 100% Pure, 100% Natural, No Pesticides, and meets all California Standards. Order Baked Bar Disposables and Baked Bar Cartridges today and get them delivered to your doorstep.


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Baked Bar vape pens delivers a smooth, tasty, and intense flavor that sets it apart from other cannabis concentrates. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer nuances of freshly grown buds!

I’m so impressed with Baked Bar products. The taste and experience are like nothing else I’ve ever had before – it’s taken my concentration game to the next level!

If you’re looking to try something different and unique, give Baked Bar a shot. You won’t be disappointed – highly recommend it to anyone in search of an excellent vape experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Baked Bar is a real vape brand and you are currently on our official website(

Always scan and verify our Baked Bar products for authenticity before usage.

Yes, Baked Bars are safe to consume when used responsibly; however, it’s always important to follow product instructions and to talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about consuming cannabis-based products.

Make sure you also scan and verify the product before usage.

Always Scan and verify the QR Code on the back of our Baked Bar Products before usage.

Our official website is the safest place to order real Baked Bar Vapes online. There are a lot of fake dealers and copycats trying to sell fake products.

Cannabis Oil and Terpenes.

Baked Bar Vapes must be stored in a cool place at room temperature away from direct sunlight or excessive heat to prevent any leaks.

Moreover, Storing cannabis vapes horizontally may cause cartridges to become backed up. Keep the cartridge upright to prevent leakage. Make sure to periodically clean the connections with a cotton swab to ensure proper functioning.

No, Baked Bar Vapes cannot be refilled. This is to maintain the quality of our products and also protect you from fakes

You are currently on Baked Bar Vapes Official website (, where you can buy baked bar vapes online and get them delivered to your doorstep.

The effects of Our THC Baked Bar Vapes differ for each person, and your experience may not match others’. Since these vapes contain THC, their effects should align with those of other THC products you’ve used. If unsure about THC’s impact on you, seeking advice from an experienced user can help set your expectations or read more on the usage and dosage.

Baked Bar Vapes typically have a shelf life of one year from their manufacture date. After this period, the effectiveness and flavor of your vapes may diminish. While you can still use them, the quality won’t be as good as using them within the advised timeframe. Therefore, it’s recommended not to buy and keep Baked Bar vapes for over a year from their production date. For optimal potency and taste, use your THC vapes sooner rather than later.

No, our Baked Bar Vapes are lab-tested to ensure delivery of the highest-quality products to consumers. We never had a pesticide issue, we have a counterfeiting issue.

No, Baked Bar Vape products have ZERO nicotine in them

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